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Our chef 

Naokazu Takayama

He has solid experience as a head chef in several major Italian and Japanese restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto including Ristorante Canoviano, Ristorante ASO and AROMA FRESCA. 

He has been the head chef of HaRe since its open in 2018.

Neo-Japanese Gastronomy

~Traditional Japanese Gastronomy and Fermentation~

For the last few decades, the Japanese cuisine has attracted the people around the world. 

It is known as the freshness and contribution to our health. One of the reasons, which makes the cuisine healthy and special, is having the unique fermented foods such as Miso, Soy sauce and Sake.
 There are varieties of fermented foods, ingredients and beverages across Japan. 

They have been developed through the regional history and climate. The fermentation not only contributes to 
our health but also makes the cuisine flavorsome with minimal ingredients. 

The traditional Japanese gastronomy is based on the connection among fresh foods, ingredients and beverages.

~Neo-Japanese gastronomy and Sake Pairing~

The gastronomy in some European countries such as France, Italy and Spain have the culture of wine pairing, 
and there are some dishes to enjoy some type of wine.  

In the traditional Japanese gastronomy, sake pairing has been mainly focused on the dish itself more than the taste of sake. Historically, chefs create a dish and select sake to match with. 
Our chefs have mastered the Sake courses and also learned wine pairings. Our sake selections include the ones won the global and national prizes and also limited bottles from our sake breweries.
 We have strong connections with sake breweries and visit them regularly, which inspires our creation of unique menu. 
We will continue seeking the opportunities where you can enjoy the consistent harmony of Japanese cuisine and sake. 

Chef. Naokazu Takayama

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