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Our menu consists of the Italian and Japanese cuisines and cooking methods. 
It changes every month depends on the season’s bests. You can enjoy our
 dishes with carefully selected bottles of wine mainly from 
France and Italy, sake and craft beer from across Japan. 


Shikari -Zen-  is one of the HaRe Gastronomia’s signature dishes.

~然 shikari~

Gazpacho made from fermented seasonal vegetables and fruits with rice wine, onion and soy milk yogurt gelato.

“Japanese Cuisine meeting Modern Gastronomy  ” 

HaRe Gastronomia


We accept a reservation up to a month in advance. 
Please let us know if you have any allergies or preference on food when you make a reservation. 
Unless you make a reservation for the entire venue, please be noted that we do not accept 
a child below 12 years old and casual wears. 
We will give a confirmation call a few days before the reservation date. 
Excluding tax • we charge 10% service fee

Cancel Policy

Please be noted that we charge the cancelation fee as below. 
One day before the reservation day:  50% of the total fee
The reservation day:  100% of the total fee
*If the number of persons is changed, please let us know at least one day before your reservation day. 
If it’s not our business day, please make sure you will give us a call on our business day. 





(*Please read and understand our policy.)

Business Hours 

As the number of seats is limited, we starts each session as below. Each session is about 3 hours.
 Please arrive and be seated before your reservation time. 

Dinner:   Starts from 18:00, 19:00 and 20:00.
Lunch :  Starts from 12:30 ~ (Closes at 14:00.)

Please let us know if you will be late.
Thank you. 


Please contact us at for available positions.

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“Japanese Cuisine meeting Modern Gastronomy  ” 

HaRe Gastronomia

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